How to prepare for GSoC ?

GSoC ( Google Summer of Code ) is a platform for developers as well as coders to show their  skills and to give new ideas for different organizations to improve their data and presentation of data. For getting a GSoC we really need to work hard and spend more time in computers and its applications. There are some initial steps which you need to take care.

  • You need to know to chat in IRC Cloud. For this you need to register at IRC Cloud
  • Once you have registered in IRC then start using it. Ask good questions, be in touch to everyone and also go through IRC netiquettes
  • Now you have to learn to use GIT. Go through Git Introduction
  • Create your own blog. It will help you a lot to learn new things.
  • Be more active in technical stuffs.

Then next step in to choose an organization in GSoC page. It is your choice to choose an organization. Only choose that organization in which you find your interest.

Now register in that in that organization read their documentation and make yourself busy with that organization. Starting learning how to contribute to that organization also how to fix bugs. This will help you in your proposal selection time as mentor will be able to know you more and chances of getting selected is more.

After doing that go through the ideas list of that organization and select a good project of your choice. Contact your mentors about that project in IRC and check whether they have sufficient time to help you and be more friendly to your mentor and ask him good questions.

GSoC program is of 3 months so you need to work according to it. Firstly start writing proposal to about that project within the given time and make sure that the main content is there in your proposal and also give more ideas you have.

Once your proposal is selected start doing your project for next 2 month.

If you get a chance to win then you will be getting a price money of  $ 5500 and Google goodies and obviously a certificate. Anyway price not only the target participating in GSoC itself is also a great achievement.

The starting point of all achievement is desire.








Hope you got some idea about GSoC and other little stuffs. For more Please Subscribe.