Creating a Drupal site

Hey Folks

Get your own Drupal site within few minutes and few clicks 🙂

First install xampp

Go to this link and download xampp according to your operating system ->\

Then follow these codes –

cd /home/[Username]/Downloads

Now to make installable file execute

chmod +x

Your file is ready to execute, now to run this file

sudo -s -H

Now you will get a dialogue box to install it, do install

and then type the following command to get started with xampp

sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart

Here you installed xampp server

Now go to your browser and type the following on address bar


and you will be redirected to xampp server. Scroll down and check for Drupal in the following list. Click on Drupal to Download.

Now do the following commands

cd Downloads/
chmod +x <name of the drupal file you downloaded>
./ <name of the drupal file you downloaded>

This will show you another dialogue box to install Drupal. install it and get into your own Drupal site 🙂


Hope this worked for you