Rajasthan Hackathon 4.0 (Jaipur)

First time, any such big hackathon with 5000+ participants, it was exciting after getting shortlisted to participate. One great learning experience, and opportunity to ideate and develop Video-Syncer (https://github.com/akashfoss/video-syncer) – a software to share and sync any video format files in a local network.

We were two teams from my University with two members in each team, planned it like a code-event + trip. The schedule was like – one day for the pre-events + 36 hours hackathon + one day for the prize distribution and the rest 3 days to travel around Jaipur.

The journey started from my University place (Kerala), travelled in almost every type of public transport to reach Jaipur via Delhi.

And we reached the hackathon place – Rajasthan University, parallelly there were various pre-events happening, like – 5kms marathon, dance, art-fest, etc. We were tired of travelling all the way, so could not participate in any of the pre-events, and prepared for the night-out for the hackathon.

After a good sleep and food, the hackathon started and went up till the next 36 hours straight. And our work had begun by the time. It took us more time to sort the project rather than to code it. Hard it was but fun too.

It was amazing to explore the Rajasthani customs during the event as well, got to interact with a bunch of geeks, made many friends.

36 hours passed away smoothly, it was not easy but we could finish the work and submit it before the deadline. Thanks to my teammate Akhileshwar Maurya to assist me with this project.

Results were announced the next day and we were not in any of the lists of winning teams. Chill! Winning is not important always, experience matters the most.

Soon after the event, we decided to drop the luggage at the Moustache hotel (check out their website for more details). I must say that the hostel was amazing and quite affordable, got to meet people from all over the world visiting Jaipur. It took us three days to explore almost all the tourist spots at Jaipur, and do some shopping, like – Bapu Bazar – I personally recommend this place, you get to see the tradition and beauty of Rajasthan. Signing-off with this, I hope you are planning a trip to Jaipur soon.